Commissioning a memorial

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This page will hopefully help to de-mystify the commissioning process.
Making contact
A memorial is a lasting symbol of remembrance, and as such it is important to allow oneself time to consider an appropriate tribute before commissioning.

This time will vary between individuals; some clients may approach me six months after a burial others may take several years. Ultimately I feel it is unwise to have a memorial put in place too soon.




Arranging a visit


When you feel ready to discuss the memorial, come to the workshop - bringing other members of your family too.

We will talk over your thoughts and ideas. This will help me to gain some insight into the life of the person we are to commemorate.



The Order


Following our meeting I will produce an initial memorial design sketch which will be sent to you with our estimate of the costs and a schedule of the time needed to make the memorial.

The estimate covers meetings, calls, drawings and liaison with the church authority. (It includes the fees payable on your behalf to the burial authorities) and for materials and for carved work.


Once you have approved the final design I ask you to sign off the drawing and return it to me. This is what I will work from. At this point you will be asked for a deposit. Once the deposit is paid the stone is then ordered from the quarry.




Fixing the memorial


The estimate also includes the setting of the memorial stone at the church.

I feel strongly about fixing my own memorials, taking as much care over this part of the commission as the rest.



Final settlement of account


I will give you a call once I have set the headstone.

The invoice will be sent out within seven days of this showing the final balance due.

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